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Thai international schools have a beautiful and long history of astounding achievements in terms of building and developing capable and efficient students with the quality of academic programs they offer. Due to the fast and growing pace of globalization, there is a need for universally recognized schools to meet the training and learning requirements from students all over the world.



Education is highly valued and taken with utmost importance in Thailand. Many international students visit Thai to study because of the wide variety of things the international schools have to offer. For instance, the curricula offered by Thai international schools is a better choice when compared to the curricula of other schools across the globe. The majority of international schools follows either USA or United Kingdom's curricula and this makes it quite easy for students to cope as regards language and mode of learning.


Why A Bangkok International School For Your Child?

When it comes to matters education, every parent wants the best for their child. however, making the best choice about the so many options available makes this process arduous. There a few things that any good international school bangkok should offer to your child.  Here is how to tell that an international educational institute is good for your child.

Enhances your child’s confidence


KIS is a top International School in Bangkok

When it comes to moving to Thailand, and in particular, Bangkok, parents with children make a very important decision and that is the question of International school Bangkok and which is the right one for their children. The international schools are usually for children ranging in ages from 3-18; these are mostly found in Bangkok.


Thailand international school options and special features

International schools in Bangkok offer the most modern and sophisticated form of education to their students. They can design their classes according to the students’ specific needs. With the addition of new forms of learning and teaching, international schools are definitely the greatest way to educate your child in more than one aspects.

Besides its education program, a Thailand international school can offer students more ways to learn and improve other aspects of their character, often neglected by other types of schools.


The Benefits of Sending Your Child to an International School

Over the past few years, the popularity of International schools in Thailand has risen sharply, thanks to the full support of the Thai government and the high standards of education maintained by a number of private International schools.

Here are a few of the main reasons why the majority of parents in Thailand prefer sending their kids to an International school: